Shema Elul Programme – Maureen Kendler

maureen kendler

Wednesday 17th September 2014

Maureen Kendler
Teaching Fellow, London School of Jewish Studies
Experienced and Popular Educator
“The Akeidah: How We Carry Our Childhood With Us”

We will look at a bold and surprising explanation for Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice Isaac – what was Abraham’s secret that drove this decision? And what was the legacy of that for Isaac, and the next generation?

Manchester Maccabi

Click here to view handout from the lecture

About Maureen Kendler
Maureen Kendler is a Teaching Fellow at London School of Jewish Studies. Maureen has a degree in English Literature, a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education and an MA in Jewish Education. She is a UJIA Ashdown Fellow and broadcasts regularly for BBC Radio. Maureen loves teaching texts, ancient and modern, preferably at the same time….

Watch Maureen Kendler’s video presentation for JDOV about the role of women in the Orthodox Jewish Community – “52%: At The Crossroads” (15 mins)


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